Photo Gallery ECA Competitions at HACE 2016

30 October – 02 November
Cairo International Conference Center

ECA Live Cooking Competitions at HACE'16

[img src=]1170Young Chef 2016 Winner Silver Medal
[img src=]1170Best Burger Silver Medal 01
[img src=]1040Best Burger Silver Medal 02
[img src=]1110Best Restaurant 01
[img src=]1020Best Restaurant 02
[img src=]1020Best Restaurant 03
[img src=]840Best Restaurant 04
[img src=]951Best Restaurant 05
[img src=]950Buffet 01
[img src=]990Buffet 02
[img src=]860Buffet 03
[img src=]860Cake Decorating Competition
[img src=]840Cooking with Pulses Winner Silver Medal 01
[img src=]800Cooking with Pulses Winner Silver Medal 02
[img src=]800Female Chef of the Year Silver Medal 01
[img src=]820Female Chef of the Year Silver Medal 02
[img src=]850Judging 01
[img src=]851Judging 02
[img src=]790Judging 03
[img src=]810Judging 04
[img src=]780Live Cooking Competitions
[img src=]800Live Cooking Competitions
[img src=]771Pizza Challenge
[img src=]780Salon Culinaire, Wedding Cake Bronze Medal
[img src=]740Sandwich Silver Medal
[img src=]780Vegetarian Dish Gold Medal 01
[img src=]740Vegetarian Dish Gold Medal 02
[img src=]730Winners Best Burger Competition
[img src=]810Winners Best Restaurant Competition (1)
[img src=]710Winners Best Restaurant Competition (2)
[img src=]831Winners Egypt Buffet Team Challenge (1)
[img src=]760Winners Egypt Buffet Team Challenge (2)
[img src=]750Winners Egypt Buffet Team Challenge (3)
[img src=]750Winners Cake Decorating Competition
[img src=]740Winners Chicken Dish Competition
[img src=]781Winners Cooking with Pulses Competition
[img src=]810Winners Female of the Year Competition
[img src=]700Winners MLA True Chef Competition
[img src=]660Winners Pizza Competition
[img src=]690Winners Salmon Competition
[img src=]650Winners Salon Culinaire
[img src=]650Winners Sandwich Competition
[img src=]700Winners Vegeratian Dish Competition
[img src=]650Winners Young Chef of the Year Competition
[img src=]660Young Chef of the Year Competition
[img src=]660Winner Gold Medal Young Chef of the Year Competition
[img src=]650Young Chef of the Year Winner Gold Medal
[img src=]610MLA True Chef Challenge

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