Frying Workshop

Frying Foods to Perfection

Date: 15 November’17
Conducted by: Mahmoud Nabil, Culinary Instructor & Executive Chef Hilton Hurghada Resort
Location: Monappetit Kitchen, 6th of October City
Language: Arabic
Fee: Free of charge upon reservation
In cooperation with: The Malaysian Palm Oil Council
Frying WorkshopFrying Workshop


Frying WorkshopLearn how to fry food to perfection so it is cooked thoroughly while retaining inside moisture and a crisp brown exterior without excessive absorption of oil.

The Egyptian Chefs Association in cooperation with the Malaysian Palm Oil Council is organizing an educational workshop on how to fry food. The workshop will start with a brief introduction to Malaysian palm oil followed by an informative session on how to extend the lifespan of frying oil. The course will indicate which fryer is the most suitable to purchase and the type of operations it can handle. The practical cooking session will show you how to prepare foods that are to be deep fried and how to fry potatoes, vegetables, fruits, chicken, and fish and seafood to perfection.

Course Outline:

  • Introduction to Malaysian Palm Oil
  • Fats for frying
  • Maintaining frying oil quality
  • Commercial fryers
  • Preparing foods for frying
  • Frying different type of foods; potatoes, vegetables, fruits, chicken, fish and seafood

Please register for the workshop before Sunday, 5 November’17
Online Registration Form

For more information please contact us:

Cairo Headquarters
Tel.: 02 37622116 / 7 / 8 – 010 6552 7567

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