Certified Participants of Kitchen Leadership

Photo Gallery

The workshop was conducted on 14 October 2017 by Ali Nasreldin, Hospitality Operations and Food & Beverage Consultant.The workshop was kindly hosted by Arab Center for Arabic Studies Alexandria. Congratulations!

Ahmed Abdel Moneim El Sayed, Executive Chef, Siesta Resort Alexandria
Ahmed Ali Mansour, Executive Chef, Latino Café
Hassan Besheer, Executive Chef, Food Plus
Ibrahim Mohamed Hemid, Head Chef, Abu Fares Restaurant
Ismail Mohamed Hassan, Executive Sous Chef, Hospitals at Alexandria
Khaled Abdel Hamed, Operation Manager, Food Plus
Magdy Elia, Leader Chef, Food Plus
Mahmoud Abdel Salam, Demi Chef de Partie, Mory Company for Restaurant Administration
Mark Samir, Executive Chef, El Omaraa Resort
Mohamed Ali Hasballah, Head Chef, Aros Demeshk Restaurant
Mohamed Tawfik Othman, Executive Chef, Aros Demeshk Restaurant
Muhammad Husien Dabalyz, Head Chef, Sultan Restaurant
Mustafa Ibrahim Abdel Kawy, Head Chef, Black Restaurant
Sameh Abdel Rahman, Executive Chef, Sultan Ayoub Restaurant
Samer Samir, Executive Chef, Lebanero Restaurant & Café
Yasser Waheb, Sous Chef, Santa Lucia Restaurants

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