Egypt Wins WorldChefs HB Young Chef Challenge Semi Finals

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Egypt Wins WorldChefs Hans Bueschkens Young Chef Challenge Semi Finals for Africa & the Middle East at HACE 2017. This is the icing on the cake of ECA’s 20th Anniversary celebrations at HACE 2017.

The highlight of this year’s HACE was ECA’s celebration of its 20th Anniversary and the hosting of the Worldchefs Hans Bueschkens Young Chef Challenge semi finals for Africa & the Middle East. Young talented chefs from South Africa, the United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Qatar and Egypt competed in the semi finals. The well deserved and proud winner was an Egyptian, Mahmoud Korany. He was awarded a WorldChefs Gold medal and the heavy responsibility of representing the region at the world finals which will be held at the 2018 WorldChefs Congress in Kula Lumpur, Malaysia. The Association wishes to congratulate Chef Mahmoud Korany and all Egyptian Young Culinary Ambassadors on their outstanding performance.

In order to host this successful and prestigious international competition the Association, in cooperation with the Egyptian Group for Marketing and Masria Group, upgraded the competition kitchens to meet international standards. The upgraded kitchens at HACE 2017 received accolades from the competitors and guest jury members alike. These settings provided a closed environment for competitors and prevented any interference by the audience. The visitors meanwhile were able to view the competitions through the separation windows of the kitchens. The jury members were also able to taste the dishes and record their scores in a separate room away from the prying eyes of visitors or competitors.

The upgraded kitchen settings added to the smooth running of this year’s busy competition schedule. More than 300 chefs competed in various categories from Senior Chef of the Year to Young Chef of the Year and included the Vegetarian Dish and Egyptian dish competition to name just a few. The Best Restaurant Award 2017 – for the prestigious Markus Iten Culinary Trophy 2017 – was as competitive as ever. This year the Plateau Restaurant of the JW Marriott Mirage City Hotel took home the desired trophy. By way of special support for the many Syrian chef colleagues living in Egypt, the Association staged a Syrian dish competition at this year’s HACE.

After the huge success of last year, the HACE Food HUB educational platform returned. The Food HUB is a series of lectures and cooking demos designed for all chefs and industry professionals where they can listen, learn, ask and share. This aims to promote more interaction with the audience and the sharing of knowledge. This year the Association introduced several panel discussions: topics varied from “Why can’t we find Chefs to Hire?” to discussions of “Digital Marketing for Restaurants” and “Restaurants between Failure and Success”. The HACE Food HUB is organized by the Egypt Young Chefs Club as a learning platform for all food enthusiasts.

The Association wishes to thank all the chef volunteers, industry professionals and sponsors who were part of this year’s Food HUB either as panelists or as demo chefs, lecturers or organizers.

It doesn’t matter if you were a professional chef or not – HACE 2017 had something to offer for everyone with a passion for food and the chef’s profession.

The Egyptian Chefs Association wishes to thank the HACE organizers – the Egyptian Group for Marketing – for hosting the ECA activities at their expo as well as Masria Group for the excellent competition kitchen settings. Furthermore, the Association relays it gratitude to the many loyal sponsors of the various competitions and the HACE Food HUB sessions. Last but not least congratulations to all chefs, competitors and jury members for their active participation.

Winners List
Chef Volunteers

ECA Culinary Competitions at HACE 2017

[img src=]270Syrian Dish Action
[img src=]260Syrian Dish Silver Medal
[img src=]270Syrian Dish Winners
[img src=]270Vegetarian Dish Silver Medal + 1st Place
[img src=]240Vegetarian Dish Silver Medal + 2nd Place
[img src=]230Vegetarian Dish Winners
[img src=]250Wedding Cake Bronze Medal
[img src=]240Young Chef of the Year Gold Medal + 1st Place
[img src=]230Young Chef of the Year Silver Medal + 2nd Place
[img src=]230Young Chef of the Year Winners
[img src=]220Best Restaurant Silver Medal + 1st Place
[img src=]220Best Restaurant Silver Medal + 2nd Place
[img src=]250Best Restaurant Winners
[img src=]190Burger Competition Silver Medal + 1st Place
[img src=]190Burger Competition Silver Medal + 2nd Place
[img src=]220Burger Competition Silver Medal + 3rd Place
[img src=]261Burger Competition Winners
[img src=]201Audience
[img src=]260Egypt Buffet Challenge
[img src=]250Egypt Buffet Challenge
[img src=]220Egypt Buffet Challenge
[img src=]240Egypt Buffet Challenge Winners
[img src=]230Egyptian Dish Action
[img src=]270Egyptian Dish Gold Medal + 1st Place
[img src=]240Egyptian Dish Gold Medal + 2nd Place
[img src=]210Egyptian Dish Gold Medal + 3rd Place
[img src=]230Egyptian Dish Winners
[img src=]220Female Chef of the Year Judging Feedback
[img src=]240Female Chef of the Year Silver Medal + 1st Place
[img src=]220Female Chef of the Year Winners
[img src=]231Live Cake Decoration Silver Medal
[img src=]200Live Cake Decoration Winners
[img src=]200MLA True Chef Challenge Judging Feedback
[img src=]210MLA True Chef Challenge Silver Medal + 1st Place
[img src=]220MLA True Chef Challenge Silver Medal + 1st Place
[img src=]200MLA True Chef Challenge Winner
[img src=]210MLA True Chef Challenge Winners
[img src=]160Novelty Cake Bronze Medal
[img src=]190Salon Judging
[img src=]210Salon Winners
[img src=]230Senior Chef of the Year Action
[img src=]170Senior Chef of the Year Silver Medal + 1st Place
[img src=]200Senior Chef of the Year Winners

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