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Two of Spain’s acclaimed Michelin Star Chefs Fernando del Cerro and Kiska Garcia conducted a Master Class in Spanish Meat Cooking at The Grill of the Semiramis InterContinental.

The master class was an initiative of Provacuno, the Inter-professional Organization of the Spanish Beef Industry. They hosted the renowned Spanish Michelin star chefs while the Egyptian Chefs Association managed the local logistics of the cooking class. Provacuno is a non-profit organization representing 85% of the Spanish beef industry including beef producers, processors and traders.

The sustainability of the Spanish beef industry is based on the European Production Model (MEP in Spanish). This protocol has the highest quality and food safety standards in the world. It certifies by applying a traceability system that charts the progress of the food from the farm to the table thus guaranteeing healthy and safe food of the highest quality produced with a low environmental impact.

The variety of cuts and types of animals make Spanish beef a very versatile gastronomic ingredient that offers multiple culinary possibilities and ones that are accessible to the most varied palates. Its range of qualities includes tender, moist, lean and digestible “pale red” meat from young animals between 12 and 24 months of age to red and tasty meat from adult animals older than two years. These differential values have made Spanish beef prestigious in international markets, the haute cuisine and the new market demand for meals that are fast and easy to prepare at home and in the horeca channel.

Some of the most prestigious Spanish chefs consider beef one of the most essential ingredients for preparing recipes rated with a star. Michelin Star Chefs Kisko Garcia and Fernando del Cerro prepared recipes for Provacuno with beef as the main ingredient. Both are renowned chefs and of Spanish origin; they travel the world to promote the distinguished taste of Spanish beef.

Chef Fernando del Cerro received the Chef de L’AVENIR 2007 from the International Gastronomy Academy. He works in his Casa José restaurant which serves cuisine based on natural food products and has been awarded a Michelin star and two Repsol stars. Chef Kisko Garcia originates from Choco, Cordovan in Andalusia. He still lives in Andalusia where he operates the Michelin Star restaurant Choco and gained the title of Best Andalusian Chef.

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