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The Egyptian Chefs Association in cooperation with the Malaysian Palm Oil Council presents a complete training solution on how to fry foods to perfection. The training solution consists of a full one-day educational program developed for the Egyptian chefs. All participants in the program receive an extended student manual compiled by the Egyptian Chefs Association covering all issues related to frying foods.

Fried foods are popular worldwide but often disputed as not being very healthy. However, properly fried foods that are cooked thoroughly while retaining inside moisture and a crisp brown exterior without excessive absorption of oil, do not have to be fatty or as harmful as many claim. When operators look after the quality of the cooking oil and fry at the right temperature foods will not absorb excessive oil.

The training program on Frying Foods starts with some basic information on the different frying fats available in the market. Following is an overview of the different types of commercial fryers including a listing of their correct usage and capacity. How to clean fryers and how to maintain the quality of frying oil is also covered. During the practical part of the workshop participants learn how to prepare foods before frying; this includes information about breading, batters, and how to blanch foods. Food groups such as chicken, fish and seafood, fruits, vegetables and potatoes are all considered with each having its own listing of some popular recipes. Food safety matters with regards to handling hot oil is also covered in the program.

Chef Mahmoud Nabil, ECA Freelance Instructor & Executive Chef of Hilton Hurghada Resort,has been nominated by the Egyptian Chefs Association to conduct the workshops. Chefs in Cairo, Hurghada and Alexandria already benefitted from participating in the workshops which are offered free of charge to industry professionals.

The Egyptian Chefs Association wishes to thank the Malaysian Palm Oil Council for developing and launching the program in cooperation with the Association. The Association also wishes to thank Mahmoud Nabil for conducting the workshops and Monappetit, Hilton Hurghada Resorts and Arabi Center for hosting the three sessions.

Participants List of Cairo

Abdel Rahman Ali, Chef, Café Supreme
Ahmed Abdel Salam, Chef de Partie, Casper & Gambini’s
Ahmed Bayoumi Ahmed, Chef, Mo Bistro
Ahmed Said Abdel Salam, Sous Chef
Ahmed Salah Eldin, Owner, Albasta Restaurant
Al Sayed Salama Ibrahim, Chef, Creative Pan Company
Alaa Al Gebaly, Chef, Akalaty Kitchen
Amir Mohamed Abo El Kheir, Chef de Partie, Catering Company
Amr Abdel Azim Rashwan, Chef de Partie, Café Supreme
Karim Hassan Abdel Wahab, Chef, Casper & Gambini’s
Maged Magdy Tawfik, Chef, Latino’s Café
Mohamed Ahmed Elkhayat , Chef, One Way Restaurant
Mohamed Awad, Kitchen Coordinator, Mo Bistro Restaurant
Mohamed Naguib, Chef, Renaissance Hotel
Noha Mahmoud Saleh, Executive Chef, Sunshine Dishes
Yasser Wahib, Sous Chef, Santa Lucia

Participants List of Hurghada

Ahmed El Nady Saad, Chef de Partie, Harmony Makadi Bay
Ahmed Gamal Hafez, Pastry Chef, Marlin Inn Azur Resort Hurghada
Alaa Mahmoud, Sous Chef, Captains Inn / Orascom Hotels
Ashraf Mohamed Diab, Executive Chef, Sunrise Holidays Resort
Fahd Mohamed Yousry, Director of Operation, Red Sea Hotels
Gouda Hamdy, Head Chef, Continental Hotel Hurghada
Hamdy Mohamed A. Aziz, Executive Chef, Beach Albatros
Hany Essam, Executive Chef, Jasmine Palace
Hassan Hefny Ali, Chef de Partie, Jasmine Palace
Maamoun Said Kalib, Sous Chef, Alf Leila Wa Leila Hotel
Mahmoud Mohamed Said, Chef de Partie, Harmony Makadi Bay
Mohamed Samir, Asian Chef, Jasmine Palace
Monier Mansour El Shabrawi, Assistant Head Chef, Harmony Makadi Bay
Sayed Khalil Abdel Mohsen, Executive Pastry Chef, Sunrise Royal Makadi Resort

Participants List of Alexandria

Ahmed Abdel Moneim El Sayed, Executive Chef, Siesta Resort Alexandria
Ahmed Mohamed Ali, Executive Chef, Latino Café & Restaurant
Ahmed Othman, Sous Chef, Santa Lucia Restaurant
Ahmed Yehia Hussein, Chef de Partie, Sea View Hotel
Hisham El Tokhy, Executive Sous Chef, Radisson Blu Hotel
Ibrahim Mohamed Hemid, Head Chef, Abu Fares Restaurant
Maged Ramla, Sales Manager
Mahmoud Abdel Salam, Demi Chef de Partie, Mori Company for Restaurant Administration
Mahmoud Mohamed, Demi Chef de Partie, Santa Lucia Restaurant
Moaaz El Ghamdy, Hobby Chef
Mohamed Abdel Nabi, Chef, Evento Restaurant
Mohamed Ahmed Said, Chef, Corcovado Restaurant
Mohamed Ahmed Tag El Din, Head Chef, La Crane Conti Restaurant
Mohamed Hedar, Sous Chef, MashwyatTayeba Restaurant
Mohamed Ramadan, Sous Chef, Le Sable Company
Mohanad Abdel Hamid, Chef Trainee, Technology & Sciences Academy
Mustafa Ibrahim Abdel Kawy, Head Chef, Black Restaurant
Sameh Abdel Rahman, Executive Chef, Arab Company for Restaurants and Tourist Establishments
Samer Samir, Executive Chef, Lebanero Restaurant & Café

Frying Workshop in Cairo

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