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The Korean Cultural Center in Cairo in cooperation with the Egyptian Chefs Association organized a taste of Korea Food Festival in commemoration of the 3rd Anniversary of the cultural center in Cairo. The objectives of the festival were to present and promote the tasty and healthy qualities of Korean food to Egyptian officials, chefs, diplomats and journalists who attended the cooking demonstrations and the Korean dinner buffet prepared and presented by professional chefs from Korea.

As part of the activities a Master Class in Korean Cooking with BaekSeung Ho, Chef of the Embassy of the Republic of Korea, was held at The Grill of the Semiramis InterContinental on the 21st of November. Chef BaekSeung Ho was assisted by three guest chefs from Korea: Oh JeoungHwa, Kim Jeyeong& Chu Jisoo. The Master Class was held especially for Young Egyptian chefs to get a glimpse of the art of Korean cooking.

To conclude the festivities Dr. Park Jae Yang, Director of the Korean Cultural Center in Cairo, invited chefs, government officials, diplomats and the press to a Korean Cooking Demo and Dinner Buffet which was held at the Cleopatra ballroom of the Semiramis InterContinental. During the demo the audience learned about the preparation of a Royal Bulgogi, one of Korea’s most popular beef dishes. Bulgogi is grilled beef marinated with sweet soy sauce and various vegetables. The Egyptian Kong-guksu was a seasonal Korean noodle dish served in cold soymilk broth. The original dish is made with soup from ground soybeans. A unique Egyptian flavor was added to the soup for the event by replacing soybeans with Egyptian chickpeas and milk. The demo was concluded with Korean Kimchijeon with Egyptian Peas, a bean curd separated from the ground soybeans, kimchi, meat, vegetables diced together in flour batter and fried in oil. In this event, Egyptian chickpeas were used instead of soybeans.

After the demo the more than 130 guests attending the event were invited to taste the Korean Buffet which featured more than 16 different authentic Korean dishes.

Korean Demo 2017

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