Basic Cutting Skills Workshop

As a professional chef your chef’s knife is your “business card”.

Basic Cutting Skills

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In this workshop Chef Markus Iten, Founder & Honorary President of the Egyptian Chefs Association & General Manager of Food Tracks conducted the practical hands-on session during which the participants learned the different techniques required for slicing, dicing, chopping and mincing a variety of vegetables and herbs. These techniques included all the classical cuts such as chiffonade, julienne and bâtonnet among others.

Aly Nasreldin, Hospitality and F & B Consultant and freelance instructor of the Egyptian Chefs Association taught the attendees how to look after a professional chef’s knife. During the theoretical session he explained which knife to use and the task for which it was suitable. Knife handling and cutting skills are the essential foundation for any professional chef!

The Egyptian Chefs Association wishes to thank Chef Markus Iten for conducting the hands-on training session in cutting skills and Aly Nasreldin for explaining the theoretical part of the workshop. The Association also wishes to thank El Nour Fruits & Vegetables Supplies for their generous contribution of potatoes, carrots, leeks and onions used during the practical session and Monappetit Kitchen for hosting the session.

training basic cutting skillstraining basic cutting skills

Participants List:

Ahmed Samir Hassanein, Chef, Apples Garden Restaurant
Briham Ashraf Hassan, Student, El Sheikh Zayed School for Tourism & Hotels
Christine Henry, Personal Assistant, Tarek Nour Company
Daniela Andrede, Hobby Chef – Associated Member, Egyptian Chefs Association
Dina Hashem Dahmash, Owner, Emmy Kitchen
Gasser Abdel Razik, Executive Director, The Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights
Maged Ramla, Hobby Chef – Associated Member, Egyptian Chefs Association
Marwa El Gamal, Owner, Le Doux Café & Restaurant
Mohamed Hamed El Tohamy, Director of Inventory Department, Textiles and Textile Industry Support Fund
Nashwa El Sayed, Hobby Chef – Associated Member, Egyptian Chefs Association
Nehal Nabil Osman, Hobby Chef – Associated Member, Egyptian Chefs Association
Sara Seif, Hobby Chef – Associated Member, Egyptian Chefs Association
Tarek Ibrahim, Founder & Manager, Misr for Commercial Marketing Company

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