Discovering Chocolate

Date: 9th of July 2018
Time: 10.00 hrs – 17.00 hrs
Conducted by: Mervat Disouky
Location: El Safy Lab, Cairo (14 El Obour Buildings)
Language: Arabic
Fees:LE 500 for ECA Members & LE 650 for Non members

Discovering ChocolateDiscovering Chocolate


Program Objectives

Discovering ChocolateThis foundation course will give you all the basics you require. It is designed for professional chefs to help build their confidence in working with chocolate in all its different applications. The course will look at the theory behind working with chocolate and teach the practicalities of working with it in a kitchen environment.

What the course will cover:

The science of tempering chocolate using the:

  • Tabling Method: Manual Tempering on a Cool Table/Marble Surface
  • Seeding method
  • Microwave method and chocolate melter by pre-crystalizing with Callebautcallets and Mycryo cocoa butter.

It will explain why tempering is a very essential step before chocolate is used in food applications and describe:

  • The factors causing chocolate blooming and dull finish and how to avoid it.
  • The dangers that may occur and possible damage to the chocolate while processing.
  • The main challenges that may face chocolatiers in the Middle East.
  • How we should store chocolate & the mistakes we should avoid.

During the course you will learn molding and enrobing techniques:

  • Chocolate truffles showing different contemporary finishes.
  • Ganache fillings and how to temper ganaches.

By the end of the course, you will have the basic skills and techniques to give you confidence in working with chocolate

Who is Chef Mervat?
Some years ago, Chef Mervat fell in love with the art of chocolate-making.
She trained at the world-renowned chocolate academy, ÉcoleChocolat and mastered the art of chocolate-making under the world’s most revered chocolatiers, Phillippe Vancayseele, Bart van Cauwenberghe, and Patrick Aubrion.

Shortly thereafter Chef Mervat founded Chocola Company and was finally ready to paint her masterpiece, with chocolate. Every treat at Chocola embodies a timeless moment of creativity and hours of recipe perfection.

Certificates & Awards
Chocolate Show Piece: Chocolate Academy — Callebaut
Professional Chocolatier Program:
Business Planning for Chocolatiers Program: École du Chocolat
Masters of Chocolate: Chocolate Academy — Callebaut (Wieze, Belgium)
Quality Assurance & Keeping Limits Program: École du Chocolat
Afternoon Tea Patisserie: Chocolate Academy — Callebaut (Bunbury, UK)
Discovering Pastry: Chocolate Academy — Callebaut (Wieze, Belgium)


  • Chef Mervathas worked at many highly-esteemed fine dessert shops in many countries
  • he was the only chocolatier selected to produce chocolate for Queen Elizabeth II’s Birthday Ball
  • She made the chocolates for the Green Gold Gala the12th Annual Celebration
  • She was recommended by “The Ambassador of H.M. the King of the Belgians, Sibel de Cartier” to become an active member of the Egyptian Belgian Business Association
  • She was nominated to cooperate with Belgian patisserie companies that are interested to start businesses in Egypt

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Cairo Headquarters
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