ECA Live Cooking Competition Program Hace’18

15 October – 17 October

Compete with Taste & Zero Waste!

ECA Live Cooking Competitions at HACE 2018

All competitions are fully booked

Best Restaurant 2018
Vegetarian Dish Competition
Young Chef of the Year 2018
Egyptian Dish Competition
Mystery Basket Competition
Plated Dessert Competition
MLA Perfect Steak Challenge 2018
Senior Chef of the Year 2018

Live cooking competitions will take place at the Hace’18 exhibition scheduled to take place from 15th till 17th October at the Cairo International Conference Center (CICC).

The Egyptian Chefs Association (ECA) will notify each competitor of exact day and time of competition once registrations are completed. Competitors should show up on time specified by ECA for the competition. Late arrivals will lead to disqualification from competition.

General Rules

Following are some general rules and judging criteria. For a complete overview of the rules and judging of hot kitchen competitions please check WorldChefs rules. The judging checklist will help you to verify your own progress and skills!

Dress Code

Competitors should wear complete chef’s uniform (chef’s jacket, chef’s trousers (no jeans allowed), apron and head cover) during set-up, while competing and at the award ceremony. Prizes will only be awarded to chefs wearing complete chef’s uniform.

Use of Sponsor Products

Competitors must maximize the use of ingredients provided by the sponsors when stated in the rules. At the judges’ discretion, a maximum of up to 10 points will be deducted if in their opinion the use of sponsor ingredients is not sufficient.

Hygiene & Food Safety

Competitors should take care of their personal hygiene. They should wear a complete clean uniform (no jeans) with head cover. Competitors are not allowed to wear any jewelry or watches.

Participants should adhere to the food safety rules and HACCP standards at all times. Extra points will be added or deducted depending on your clean and neat working habit. It is imperative that you return your working area in spotless condition. Chefs are advised to bring along their own materials such as soap, disinfectant, towels, paper towels, gloves etc, all they need to keep their work station clean during the time of competition.

And when it hits the floor it hits the bin!


Hot food should be served on hot plates and cold food on cold plates.

Waste Control

Compete with Taste & Zero Waste!
Competitors should avoid food waste and only prepare sufficient food items to serve the plates requested as specified in each competition category. Excessive overproduce of food items will lead to point reduction. Any overproduce should be stored correctly or otherwise will lead to point reduction.

Craft Skill

Judges will be briefed to mark up competitors who, in their opinion, show the maximum number of craft skills in producing their dishes. It is in the competitor’s interest to complete as many tasks, including butchery, filleting and trimming in the time allocated for the competition.
The jury acknowledges that some mise-en-place will be required. Except where mentioned different in the competition rules the general criteria permits the following mise-en-place items only:

  • Washed and peeled vegetables
  • Meat and fish glazes
  • Basic stocks and sauces
  • Uncooked prepared pastry
  • Uncooked prepared pasta dough, not shaped

Competitions list

Judge Criteria

Mise en place and cleanliness during preparation 0-10 points

Planned arrangement of materials for trouble-free working and service. Safe and hygienic work methods before, during and after completion.

Correct Professional Preparation 0-20 points

Correct basic preparation of food, corresponding to today’s modern culinary art. Preparation should be practical, acceptable methods that exclude unnecessary ingredients. Appropriate cooking techniques must be applied for all ingredients, including starches and vegetables. Use of sponsor’s ingredients if stated in the rules is compulsory.

Arrangement and Presentation / Innovation 0-30 points

Clean arrangements, with no artificial garnishes and no time-consuming arrangements. Exemplary plating to ensure and appetizing appearance.

Taste 0-40 points

The typical taste of the food should be preserved. It must have appropriate taste and seasoning. In quality, flavor and color, dishes should conform with today’s standards of nutritional values.

Awards & Certificates

Each participant will receive a certificate of participation.
1st, 2nd and 3rd placement winners will be awarded at each competition and receive award certificates and trophies as specified in the rules at each competition.

ECA Medals will be awarded according to points scored as follows:

Gold with distinction 100
Gold medal 99 – 90
Silver medal 89 – 80
Bronze medal 79 – 70


Registration Fees

Registration fee per competition for individual competitors:
ECA Members LE 350
Non-ECA Members LE 500

Registration fee for team competitions:
ECA Corporate Members LE 1000
Non-Corporate ECA Members LE 1500

Limit of Number of Competition Entrees

Competitors are allowed to participate in only 1 live cooking competition, on the individual level.
But they are allowed also to participate in the team competition.

Prize Money

Prize money as stated at each live cooking competition will only be paid out to winners if they reached a medal award and are ECA Members!

Registration Deadline

Registration deadline for all competitions is Sunday, 23 September.
Registration should be completed by submitting enclosed form with registration fee to the ECA before the 23rd of September’18. Registration will be on first come first serve bases. The ECA holds the right to refuse any competitor who did not register on time or did not pay the registration fees in full.

Registration Form for Individuals
Registration Form for Teams

Equipment Live Cooking Kitchens

The following equipment will be available for each participant in the live cooking kitchen:

  • Stainless Steel work tables with under counter shelves
  • Refrigerators (sharing with fellow competitor)
  • 4 plate electrical stoves with under counter oven (sharing with fellow competitor)

The participants must bring all needed small equipment and kitchen utensils (such as cutting boards, knives, pots, pans, bowls, plates), as well as any other materials needed to cook and to serve.

ECA Live Cooking Competitions at HACE 2018

Best Restaurant 2018
Vegetarian Dish Competition
Young Chef of the Year 2018
Egyptian Dish Competition
Mystery Basket Competition
Plated Dessert Competition
MLA Perfect Steak Challenge 2018
Senior Chef of the Year 2018

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