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About ECA

President’s Message

Markus J. ItenIt gives me great pleasure to acquaint you with the Egyptian Chefs Association (ECA) and the services it provides to the Egyptian community. Founded in 1997, the Association, led by a dynamic team, went from growth to growth and is now a well-established and recognized NGO providing a wide spectrum of services to its members and the community at large.

Everyone needs daily nutritious, safe and tasty foods, and as such, the Association serves not only its chef members, but also the community as a whole.

From providing culinary education and assisting chefs in their careers, to training new recruits and giving guidance to food manufacturers, the Egyptian Chefs Association (ECA) is there as an invaluable partner for the well-being of the Egyptian public as well as visitors to Egypt.

Markus J. Iten
Founder & President

WACS Member

World Association of Chefs SocietiesThe Egyptian Chefs Association (ECA) is a full member of the international umbrella organization of the World Association of Chefs Societies “WACS”, and is its representative body in Egypt.

The WACS was founded in 1928 by Auguste Escoffier, with the aim of uniting chefs around the world. Today, the WACS counts 93 member countries, spanning all five continents and representing over 10 million chefs worldwide.

It is involved in promoting the exchange of culinary knowledge among its country members and in the implementation of internationally recognized standards for chefs.

ECA Activities

Training & Education

EducationTraining remains the solid cornerstone of the Egyptian Chefs Association to bring up new generations of chefs that are well formed and dedicated to excellence on an international standard.

The Association strives in all its work to implement standards of hygiene and recognized best practices from around the world. ECA training workshops and the Association’s technical support to the Culinary Training Centers in Egypt (CTCE) fulfill an urgent need in the sector for training new recruits and maintaining standards.

The ECA houses an extensive culinary library with bilingual (English/Arabic) student manuals and books for continuing education and advancing chef’s careers.

Chef’s Corner

Chefs CornerOur premiere publication Chef’s Corner is uniquely positioned to reach all our members and contacts in the hospitality community in Egypt. Chef’s Corner covers industry news and trends, culinary events, profiles and interviews of chefs, recipes and more.

The only one of its kind, the Egyptian Chefs Association’s publication reaches over 5,000 culinarians and hospitality professionals. Our magazine is distributed throughout Egypt to all the Association’s contacts from kitchen commis to general managers, and from food & beverage managers to owners of catering establishments.

For highlights of events and announcements, we regularly supplement our magazine with up-to-date news emails, through the ECA NewsFlash, which goes out to our extensive email list of industry professionals.


The Egyptian Chefs Association has a dynamic and interactive website to serve its members and the food & catering industry. Wherever you are in the world, you can keep abreast of developments in the hospitality sector in Egypt and be informed of what Your Association is doing.

Download the latest version of Chef’s Corner, stay updated with the Association’s events or browse through the job offers in ECA’s Job Corner.

Culinary Competitions

CompetitionsIn order to increase chefs’ skills and knowledge, the Egyptian Chefs Association organizes regular culinary competitions that bring the chefs community together.

ECA competitions are endorsed by WACS and judged in accordance with the global standards set by the WACS. The skills of chefs are measured against each other as well as against international standards.

Through participation in regional, national and international competitions, chefs can hone their skills, stay updated with the trends and continue to develop throughout their career.

Culinary Ambassadors

Culinary AmbassadorsThe Egyptian Chefs Association is instrumental in nominating and training the Culinary Ambassadors of Egypt, the proud carriers of the Egyptian flag at international competitions and food festivals.

With their participation, they put Egypt on the Culinary Map of the World, exchanging new ideas and trends on behalf of their country and their colleagues.

The Ambassadors have already proudly returned home with many gold, silver and bronze medals from prestigious competitions such as the IKA Culinary Olympics and the World Cup of Chefs.

Humanitarian Aid

Humanitarian AidChefs are known to be humble and kind people, and as members of the community, they are entrusted with the crucial role of providing tasty, well-balanced and healthy foods.

Egyptian chefs have joined the global humanitarian relief effort and continue to contribute to the social development and well-being of their own nationals, as well as participating abroad through organizations such as WACS’ Chefs Without Borders, the Egyptian Red Crescent and other local NGOs.

Food supplies provided by the Egyptian Chefs Association’s sponsors are donated to refugees, orphanages and other less fortunate members of our society. Financial funds are raised to provide educational opportunities to young Egyptians who wish to become chefs and for other sustainable development programs.


NetworkingThe food industry is closely linked with catering and hospitality. The Egyptian Chefs Association works in close cooperation with the top food industry leaders to highlight the best products and kitchen equipment available on the market and, as such, represents a dynamic platform for networking for chefs and industry professionals alike.

From business opportunities to product development, or as a marketing entry point, the ECA is your key to reaching a wide range of professionals.

How to Partner Up with ECA

There are several ways to take part in the Egyptian Chefs Association activities and benefit from the Association’s services:

  • Become a chef member: individual membership for all chefs who would like to be part of their association.
  • Become an associated member: non-chefs and individuals with professional interest in the food industry.
  • Become a corporate member: for hotels, restaurants and catering establishments.
  • Become a sponsor: corporate sponsorship, includes free advertising in Chef’s Corner among many other benefits.
  • Become a donor: corporate social responsibility / donation to support training for young Egyptians / support for Egyptian chefs to compete abroad

Whether you are a chef looking to enhance your career contacts and skills, or a company wanting to market or launch its products, ECA is your invaluable partner, so join us now.