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Frequently Asked Questions

1) What do I need to apply for ECA membership?

You will need 3 passport pictures, 1 copy of your national ID, 1 copy of your work ID, an updated Curriculum Vitae (CV), full fees in cash (we do not accept credit cards).
You can also send the required documents by registered post and pay by bank transfer. Please call us to get the ECA bank details. More information >>>

There are several ways to become involved with the ECA. More Information >>>

2) What are the fees for joining the Association as an individual member?

Membership fees range from LE 120 to LE 180 annual fees, depending on the membership category. A LE 50 initiation fee applies in the first year of your membership.
More information on membership categories and fees >>>

3) If I am not a chef, can I still join the ECA?

Yes, you may join ECA as an associated member. You will get our magazine and all the benefits of membership. More information >>>

4) When I join ECA, will I automatically be a member in the WACS?

Yes. The ECA is a full-fledged member and representative body of the WACS (World Association of Chefs Societies) in Egypt.

5) What are the courses and training workshops that ECA offers?

The ECA offers training workshops on many topics from food costing to hygiene, and from basic cooking techniques to knife handling skills, among many others. List of ECA training workshops >>>

6) Does the ECA provide chefs with a health insurance coverage and a retirement fund?

No, this is not in our scope of services. We are not a syndicate, but a NGO, and as such we cannot offer such services according to the rules of the Ministry of Social Affairs, under which we are registered as NGO.

7) Can you send me a chef’s jacket or apron, or do I need to come to the office? How about other products that you sell?

ECA chef’s jackets are for sale to ECA members only. If you are a member, yes, we can send the jackets. As for other ECA Merchandise, these are available for sale to anyone at ECA office in Cairo, or at the ECA Red Sea Chefs Chapter in Hurghada; they can also be sent to you by courier service. Please pay the amount through bank transfer and, as soon as you fax/email us a copy of the bank transfer receipt, we can send you the merchandise. We include the cost of shipment in your payment.

8 ) How do I join the CTCE program?

Please contact the Culinary Training Centers Egypt (CTCE) directly on:
Telephone: 01068538887 – 0239124923 – 0239124938
Website: or
More information >>>

9) I’m above 35 and would like to join the CTCE, is that possible?

Please contact the Culinary Training Centers Egypt (CTCE) directly on:
Telephone: 01068538887 – 0239124923 – 0239124938
Website: or
More information >>>

10) Do you have books in Arabic?

We have a few cookbooks in Arabic but the majority of the books we carry in our bookstore are in English. However the ECA’s training manuals are bilingual Arabic/English, with affordable prices and cover many topics. You can browse the available topics here.

11) Do you have CDs and videos?

Yes we carry some CDs and videos on several topics. There are also several CDs of exhibits from past competitions.

12) Can I promote my food products to the chefs through the ECA?

Yes, this is possible through advertising in our magazine Chef’s Corner or on our website; or by joining us as a sponsor.
More information on sponsorship >>>
More information on advertising >>>
Also you can call Ashraf Gamal, Director of Operations, on 010 0730 3839 for more information.

13) I am looking for a chef, could ECA help me find a chef?
If I’m a chef could I find vacancies on your website?

Yes, our website has a job corner where people can post vacancies for free and where people looking for jobs can post their requests. Once reviewed by our staff, we activate the posts and they appear on our website. However, ECA is not responsible for screening of the candidates.
You can also call the membership department of the Association for more assistance in finding the right candidates.

14) If I have ideas or articles for Chef’s Corner can I send them to ECA?

Yes, please feel free to send them to our editorial department either at or Picture material should always be high resolution, minimum 3 MB. We do not guarantee that they will be published, but we will see if they can be used.

15) Is the Egyptian Chefs Association an Egyptian organization?

Yes we are 100% Egyptian, registered as an NGO under the Ministry of Social Affairs.

16) What are the benefits of ECA Membership?

The main benefit of course is to have the opportunity to network with your colleagues on National and International level. This will help you in your continuing education and personal development as professional chef.

You will also get a membership pin, card and certificate on the same day that you complete your application. Further you will be recognized as member in our welcome column in the magazine and you will be listed in our on-line membership directory to which only members have access.

You will be entitled to the much lower registration fees on training programs, competition events and will get discounts on all ECA merchandise. More >>>

17) What type of Competitions does ECA organize?

1- Live Cooking Competitions
2- National Salon Culinary Competitions
For more information, please check the “Competitions” tab on our website. There you will also find all of our rules and regulations for participation.