Training on Premises

ECA Training at Your Premises

The Egyptian Chefs Association (ECA) is pleased to offer its professional culinary training workshops in house for your chefs or other staff members at your premises.

There are several topics available varying from basic kitchen skills to food hygiene and advanced kitchen management. Each workshop has its own duration depending on the amount of materials and complexity of the topic.

All workshops are concluded with a test and certification is only issued to those who pass their test with success. Duration of each workshop, topic and contents, maximum number of participants as well as fees are mentioned.


Expert trainers of the Egyptian Chefs Association conduct the workshops at your premises. The workshops can be taught either in English or Arabic according to your preference.

Fees / Travel / Accommodation & Equipment

Workshop fees as stated at each topic include tuition fee, bilingual English / Arabic student manuals, examination and ECA certification. The workshop fees are excluding travel and accommodation expense in case workshop is to be held outside Cairo. The establishment should provide the training room and needed equipment such as data show and white screen, and if needed ingredients for the practical sessions in workshops.

For booking or more information on the ECA workshops

Kindly call the Egyptian Chefs Association on 02 37622116 / 7 / 8 or email to
We are happy to answer any questions you might have and welcome your feedback at any time on our training efforts.

List of ECA Training Workshops:

Handling & Cooking GrainsHandling & Cooking Grains training workshop explains a variety of grains, how to purchase, store properly, techniques of preparing grain dishes.
Mise en PlaceIn this course, chefs will learn to understand why a good mise en place is essential to reach efficiency and quality in a foodservice outlet.
Handling & Cooking FruitsThe workshop Fruits and Application in Cooking will discuss variety of fruits. The workshop will include more than 40 recipes from meringue, mousses, cakes, etc
Vegetarian CookingIn this course, you will learn to identify a variety of different vegetarian diets. You will also learn to understand the different reasons why people follow...
Stocks & SaucesThis course addresses all the basic stocks, classical hot sauces as well as coulis, contemporary broths, flavored oils, salsas and relishes in more than ...
Soups & Soup PreparationThis workshop will start with a classification of soups and an explanation of the quality parameters of a good soup. Practical sessions shows the preparation...
Pasta & NoodlesKnowledge of Pasta & Noodles training course starts with a section identifying a variety of pastas and pasta shapes commonly used worldwide, followed by ...
Nutrition & HealthNowadays our guests are getting more health conscious about what they eat. This course does not provide an in-depth study of nutritional sciences, but rather...
Kitchen Tools & EquipmentHaving the proper tools and equipment for a particular task may mean the difference between a job well done and one done carelessly, incorrectly or even ...
Handling & Cooking VegetablesThe 3-day workshop Vegetables & Their Application in Cooking starts with the identification of various vegetables and a description of their nutritional values.
Handling & Cooking PotatoesThe 2-day workshop Potatoes & Their Application in Cooking starts with identifying variety of potatoes and their nutritional values. Practical sessions will ...
Handling & Cooking EggsThe training course Eggs &Their Application in Cooking starts with an explanation of the composition of eggs and identifying different grades and sizes. The ...
Flavors & FlavoringsIt is the chef’s role to consistently present well-flavored foods to excite the consumer's brain and palate. In order to do so the chef must understand how to..
Dairy ProductsDairy products are extremely versatile and used throughout the kitchen. In this course you will learn to identify the commonly used dairy products in the ...
Professional Cooking TechniquesThe Professional Cooking Techniques workshop covers an in depth explanation of the physical and chemical processes taking place during cooking and their ....
Knife Handling & Cutting SkillsOne of the most important tools the student chef must master is the knife. Good knife skills are critical to a chef’s success, because the knife is the most ...
Handling & Cooking MeatIn the Handling and Cooking Meat training workshop learn how to determine the quality of meat, how to purchase and store meat, several of the cooking methods,..
Handling & Cooking Beef This course explains each primal and subprimal cut and its own distinct characteristics, how to apply various cooking techniques to different cuts of beef.
Handling & Cooking LambCooking Lamb Training explains each primal & subprimal cut and its characteristics. Practical sessions shows butchering procedures and cooking techniques.
Handling & Cooking VealHandling & Cooking Veal explains each primal & subprimal cut & its characteristics, how to perform butchering procedures, and how to apply cooking techniques
Handling & Cooking PoultryIn the 4 day Handling & Cooking Poultry training course, we discuss the different kinds and classes of poultry and how to choose those that best suit your ...
Handling & Cooking Fish & ShellfishFish & shellfish increased in popularity over the past decade and became an integral part of todays menus. In this course you will learn how to identify ....
Salads & Salad DressingsThe workshop Salads & Salad Dressings starts with identifying techniques for preparing salads & salad dressings. More than 30 recipes of salads.
Hors d’oeuvres & CanapésHors d'oeuvres & Canapés training workshop covers preparation techniques & recipes of various canapés and appetizers: carpaccio, spring rolls, sushi, etc
Pies, Pastries & CookiesIn this course learn how to prepare seven different commonly used doughs, which can be used as the building blocks to making any pies, pastries and cookies.
Making the Perfect CookieMaking the Perfect Cookie training you learn equipment & ingredients commonly used in cookie making; decorating cookies, frosting, glazes and royal icings.
Custards, Creams, Frozen Desserts & Dessert SaucesThe skills and techniques presented in Custards, Creams, Frozen Desserts and Dessert Sauces training course are essential to successful pastry production.
Cakes & Cakes FrostingsThis Cakes & Cakes Frostings training workshop explains how basic cake ingredients interact, mixing methods, temperatures, frostings and icings, cake recipes
Principles of BakingPrinciples of Baking training workshop will teach how to select ingredients used in baking, mastering mixing methods, baking process step-by-step;..etc
Quick BreadsPractical training workshop will show you step-by-step the mixing methods; biscuit, muffin and creaming, how to prepare more than 25 different quick breads.
Sandwich MakingSandwich Making training workshop will teach you how to select high-quality sandwich ingredients, Use of different breads, spreads and fillings and more ...
Yeast BreadsIn the Yeast Breads training learn the preparation of a variety of yeast breads and a selection of French and Italian breads among others.
Essentials of Food CostingEssentials of Food Costing training workshop is addressed to those working in food operations and in charge of food preparation and quality and cost control
Menu Planning & Menu EngineeringMenu Planning & Menu Engineering training workshop is to learn how to compose a balanced menu in relation to food costing and pricing.
Plate PresentationPlate Presentation training covers: Guidelines and rules, Main components of food presentation such as balance, color, shape, texture, serviceability ...
Professional Buffet SettingProfessional Buffet Setting training covers the common type of buffets and special theme buffets as well as food safety and hygiene rules, temperature control...
Professional Culinary Arts ExhibitsProfessional Culinary Arts Exhibits workshop aims to improve the level of culinary skills of chefs to compete in national and int'l culinary competitions.
Professional Kitchen ManagementProfessional Kitchen Management training workshop will teach the theoretical principles for chefs on supervisory level to manage their kitchen and kitchen crew.
Professionalism & Modern Kitchen OrganizationThe Professionalism & Modern Kitchen Organization course explains general background about chef’s profession and what it takes to become a professional chef.
ECA Food Safety for Catering – Level 1 AwardThis course is ideal for new employees with little food safety knowledge and starting up home caterers. Also a suitable course for low-risk food handlers.
ECA Basic Food Hygiene – Level 2 AwardThis course is ideal for all your food handlers in your business operation from chefs, service staff to stewards and employees working at receiving docks and stores.
ECA Food Safety – Level 3 AwardThis course is ideal for all department heads, managers, HACCP team members, quality control managers, general managers and food safety auditors.
ECA Food Safety – Level 4 AwardThis course is ideal for all department heads, managers, HACCP team members, quality control managers, general managers and food safety auditors.
ECA HACCP – Awareness CourseThis course is a must for all employees working with food or in food related businesses that need to have an understanding of HACCP.
ECA HACCP – IntermediateWho is it for? HACCP team leader, whole HACCP team, Food & Beverage Manager, General Manager and all department heads.
ECA HACCP – AdvancedWho is it for? Management staff whose work is related to handling foods and whom will be a part of your HACCP team in the operation. The HACPP team will be ...
Professional Customer & Table ServiceThe workshop Professional Customer & Table Service discusses qualities of good service providers. Communication between service and guests, service and kitchen.