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Culinary Training Centers Egypt

CTCE will open its doors once again and start classes by the beginning of July’18.
If you wish to join the study program in food preparation & culinary arts then call 0239124923 and 01000191373.

CTCE Contact Details:

3rd Floor – Akhbar Al Yom Academy – 4th industrial zone – 6 of October
Telephone: 0239124923 and 01000191373
Website: or

ECA Culinary Training Workshops:

For individuals, if you don’t have time to study for at least 6 months, Egyptian Chef Association (ECA) provides intensive training workshops with professional culinary trainers. Check current training schedule

For Corporates, if you would like to train your staff within a short-time frame, Egyptian Chef Association (ECA) provides Training on Premises. Check available topics

ECA Cairo Headquarters:

Tel.: 0237622116 / 7 / 8 – 010 6552 7567

If you wish to updated with ECA workshops announcements: