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I Am Very Proud of You All!

Nineteen years ago Mirjam and Markus had the brilliant idea to give life to the Egyptian Chefs Association, today it is a reference point for all Egyptian chefs and …..

Food Africa Exhibition 2016

We were pleased to cooperate with the Egyptian Chefs Association at Food Africa Exhibition that was held from 4-7 May 2016.

Participation in Cairo Bites 2016

On behalf of the team at MPOC Cairo, I would like to extend our gratitude to you and to all members of the ECA involved in the recent Cairo Bites event.

From Farm to Fork with ECA

On 12 May 2014, the hugely successful Farm to Fork Conference, a first for Egypt, brought together chefs, restaurateurs and foodies to discuss and promote …..

Egyptian Chefs Score at American Culinary Federation Competitions!

We have just participated in the American Culinary Federation competition in the United States for professional chefs and won 2 gold medals, 1 Silver and …..

A Dream-come-true!

On behalf of our management, hotel staff and Luxor chefs, we would like to thank you very much for your full support during the Hace´14 competition and to …..

Professionalism is the Key

With an undying passion for food, we all want to learn everything there is to know about the culinary arts. The ECA has provided me with just that. …..

Professionalism is What Truly Counts

The ECA is what has allowed me to accomplish my level of professionalism, as a working chef; and professionalism is what really counts in the cooking field …..

The Joy of Cooking with ECA

One of the joys of life is cooking. It is a journey through a meal that you should always try to enhance, enrich and diversify. The ECA offers many ways to …..

ECA totally transformed my outlook!

ECA totally transformed my outlook! It allowed me to have a window on the international scene without having to travel abroad. When I first joined in 2007, I became …..

All of the Association’s services are very much appreciated!

All of the Association’s services are very much appreciated! The Chef’s Corner news section is great to know what are the new establishments with their ….


“Ergonomics” or “human engineering” is my word to describe the Egyptian Chefs Association! Simple word to describe a society that provides all Egyptians with …..

A Winning Team

Over the past years I have watched the Egyptian Chefs Association grow more successful every year; organizing top notch competitions and training for …..

What YOU Can Do

A great philosopher once said: “To be successful, you must surround yourself by people who can understand you.” After I landed in Egypt five years ago, ….

Fantastic Hospitality

Thank you for the opportunity to come to Cairo to you recent hot kitchen competition at Hace’09. 
 From a professional point of view, the competition was well ……

ECA Opens Doors…

ECA has opened many doors for me. They were the first to put my profile in their bimonthly magazine Chef’s Corner, and later nominated me to have my …..

ECA is.. Great Management

From when I first met Mirjam van IJssel and Markus Iten, I have been impressed with the management of the Egyptian Chefs Association (ECA) and always ….