Participation in Cairo Bites 2016

April 21, 2016

Zainuddin HassanOn behalf of the team at MPOC Cairo, I would like to extend our gratitude to you and to all members of the ECA involved in the recent Cairo Bites event.

We also wish to extend our special thanks to Chef Markus Iten for his contribution in organizing the cooking demonstration. From the feedback that we received from the visitors to our booth and the comments posted by our Facebook page fans, we can conclude that our participation in the event was a success. We could not have done it better without the dedication and hard work which you and your staff have shown during the event. We hope to continue with similar collaborative work with the ECA in future events.

Malaysian Palm Oil CouncilZainuddin Hassan
Regional Director
MPOC Regional Office

From Farm to Fork with ECA

May 12, 2014


Bernhard RohkemperOn 12 May 2014, the hugely successful Farm to Fork Conference, a first for Egypt, brought together chefs, restaurateurs and foodies to discuss and promote sustainability in the local food and restaurant industry. Thanks to the committed, professional and flexible ECA team that contributed to the event with a wealth of knowledge, contacts and fresh ideas, Farm to Fork will be remembered for years to come as a milestone for the Egyptian culinary scene. I can’t thank enough Mirjam, Ashraf and the whole Team at ECA for putting their weight behind this endeavor and working with us on the challenge of food sustainability. Never shy to take bold steps and venture where others are reluctant to go, ECA certainly is a key driver behind both excellence and innovation when it comes to all things culinary in Egypt. On top of this, few organizations manage to combine hard work and a positive, “can-do” attitude as effortless as the Egyptian Chefs Association! With ECA, it’s definitely more action and less talking. No wonder they continuously manage to keep the star of Egypt shining in the global chefs’ arena, where the ECA is right up there with their peers from South Africa, Germany and the United States.


Bernhard Rohkemper
Head: Responsible & Inclusive Business Hub MENA

Egyptian Chefs Score at American Culinary Federation Competitions!

April 6, 2014

Mohamed & MinaWe have just participated in the American Culinary Federation competition in the United States for professional chefs and won 2 gold medals, 1 Silver and 1 Bronze, as follows: Mohamed El Saadawy, 1 Gold and 1 Bronze; and Mena Mikhael, 1 Gold and 1 Silver.

Allow me to take this opportunity to say that our participation highlighted, once again, the Egyptian Chefs Association's capacity for organizing and managing local competitions up to the same professional standards as international competitions! Every good wish and respect goes out to you on behalf of all the Egyptians chefs to all the Team Members at the Association, without exception, for their great effort and assistance.

And of course all our thanks and appreciation go to the coaches who got us as members of the Egyptian team of chefs to this level, which gave us the opportunity to participate in international competitions and win medals on behalf of the Egyptian chefs: Chef Markus Iten, Chef Hossam El Din Mohamed and Chef Tarek Ibrahim. Special thanks go to you, dear Miriam, for all you do and have done over many years to help and support the Egyptians chefs!!

See you all soon with a new achievement for the Egyptian Chefs and our Association!

Mohamed El Saadawy and Mina Gaballah Mikhael

A Dream-come-true!

February 19, 2014


Mahmoud NabilDear Chef Markus, dear Mirjam, dear ECA Team,
Greeting from Luxor!
On behalf of our management, hotel staff and Luxor chefs, we would like to thank you very much for your full support during the Hace´14 competition and to say a warm thanks to your entire professional team, especially Mr. Amr Abdel Salam!
Your Team has really made a difference over the last 10 years in cooking, food presentation and development of culinary arts. Your Team made Egypt part of the world community of professional chefs, with excellent creativity and a chance to discover new ideas and constant updates on new trends.
To meet the world-famous chefs face to face and shake their hands is really a dream-come-true! You make us proud to be Egyptian chefs under the ECA umbrella!


All my best wishes for you and your team!
Mahmoud Nabil
Executive Chef - Maritim Jolie Ville Kings Island Luxor

Professionalism is the Key

December 17, 2013


Medhat BarsoumMedhat Barsoum With an undying passion for food, we all want to learn everything there is to know about the culinary arts. The ECA has provided me with just that. With its professional and scientific approach to the kitchen world, it has certainly provided me with essential knowledge about all aspects of cooking. I have seen many Chefs in my time, who think that a good recipe will get them a good career.
But what all Chefs have to understand, is that the basic foundation of food study, is far more important than how much salt they sprinkle on their chicken or how they can make the perfect Demi-Glace. The core basics will enable them to do literally anything they want with excellent results. Knowing how to cook the perfect steak is not just about seasoning and timing. It is primarily about what actually happens to the meat when the heat is applied, and what that delicious brown crust that forms around it is made of. If you have the basic science, you will know what to do with any ingredient you are presented with and you will also know the difference between completing the instructions on a recipe card successfully and just luckily getting it right! This is precisely what the ECA is all about. From a personal point of view, I think it is definitely what the industry in this country needs.

I urge everyone who really wants to learn how to produce five-star, restaurant-quality food to join the ECA. As an added value, I also received many certificates of achievement that act as proof of my qualification in more than just cooking. All thanks to the ECA and their remarkable teaching staff, which are the best and biggest names in Egypt when it comes to F&B.


Medhat Barsoum
ECA Associated Member

Professionalism is What Truly Counts

December 17, 2013

AtefIbrahimThe ECA is what has allowed me to accomplish my level of professionalism, as a working chef; and professionalism is what really counts in the cooking field in general. Chef Markus always emphasized the importance of know the basics. He always says: "Know the basics and then build on that!"

Chef Markus and Mirjam and the entire ECA team have led the ECA Competitions. Competitions allow us to come together with many other chefs for instantaneous growth and exchanging ideas!! I have an idea and he has one, at the end of the day you´ve come across 300 new ideas.

The workshops also are very valuable, as they allow the chef to be academically well-versed in know-how; so generations can be grounded in and professionalism. Finally ECA has taught me that every lettuce leaf has value, we must not throw anything in the kitchen. It has taught me to love everything in the kitchen!

Atef Ibrahim
Executive Chef - LSG Sky Chefs Catering Egypt SAE

The Joy of Cooking with ECA

December 15, 2013


Heba El AzabHeba El Azab One of the joys of life is cooking. It is a journey through a meal that you should always try to enhance, enrich and diversify. The ECA offers many ways to help you achieve this either through the library they have, the hobby chef club that helps you meet new chefs and amateurs that are seeking new experiences or even through their consultation process.

I have been lucky to meet different chefs from whom I learned a great deal. I also find the ECA a channel between the WACS and me, through the magazine and website, where I can find new info all the time about what is new in the world.


Thanks for all your efforts!
Chef Heba El Azab

March 4, 2013


Mohamed RabeiECA totally transformed my outlook! It allowed me to have a window on the international scene without having to travel abroad. When I first joined in 2007, I became more aware of modern kitchen skills and international culinary trends. Now I know about the WACS and the international community of chefs. That's in addition to the benefits of competitions and exhibitions. Competing is a very enriching process, it helps you develop self-confidence and learn from each other. Besides many other benefits, exhibitions help create knowledge of new products; they provide a much needed platform for learning and great exposure for Egyptian companies and their equipment and merchandise.


Mohamed Rabei
Sous Chef - Cairo Capital Club

Fantastic Hospitality

March 8, 2010


Rick StephenThank you for the opportunity to come to Cairo to you recent hot kitchen competition at Hace'09. 
 From a professional point of view, the competition was well run and organised, offering some great challenges to the competitors. You put together a good judging team that would not be out of place at the IKA. 
The hospitality of your team and the chefs in general was nothing short of fantastic, I must say, that I have been to many competitions around the world, and I would say without a doubt in my mind, I have never been hosted so well as I was in Cairo, from the mobile phone to organized dinners every night, I take my hat off to you and your committee!


Rick Stephen CMC
Executive Chef - SATS Inflight Catering Center Singapore

February 18, 2013


Mohamed NosseirAll of the Association's services are very much appreciated! The Chef's Corner news section is great to know what are the new establishments with their new concepts that distinguish them from other places. Right now, we are continuing to evolve the concept of Indigo and constantly striving to improve the offerings, based on the comments of our guests, including HE Mr. Hisham Zaa'zou and Chef Markus who visit us recently. I also like the ECA bookstore where the new books are highlighted, so it's easy to stay updated with the latest arrivals. Another important service is the complete Archive of Past Winners with photos. It's great to have this documented archive online so anyone can verify records of past wins, like Top Chefs did to verify my past achievements.


Mohamed Nosseir
Executive Chef - Indigo Restaurant, 6th of October


July 15, 2012


Tarek Mouriss"Ergonomics" or "human engineering" is my word to describe the Egyptian Chefs Association! Simple word to describe a society that provides all Egyptians with great support for training, and education to young chefs and senior chefs. Over the past 15 years that it's been in existence, the ECA has managed to provide excellent international curriculums in training and workshops in all kitchen aspects and sections. From culinary competitions to outstanding organization skills, the result has been spectacular both domestically & internationally.

Thanks to the outstanding training and logistical support by the ECA, we can now be proud of the National team who have achieved great results as individual chefs as well as team.
It was an honor to be a part of the judging panel at the last HACE'11 culinary competitions. There, the entire ECA team was deployed, providing all a chef need from culinary books, workshop handouts, to videos and jackets... it's a society within a society, doing super work!

At HACE 2012, what struck me was also seeing the families come out to support their young, fathers and mothers that came to encourage their young chefs to try to win; and witnessing young ladies given the chance to work in the kitchen and compete, and seeing them perform as well as the male chefs, all this was heart-warming.

I am just so proud to have been part of such a team. Many thanks!

[Latest Gulf Gourmet Magazine issue features Chef Tarek Mouriess Gulf Gourmet Magazine]

Tarek Mouriss
Executive Chef - Fujairah Rotana Resort & SPA U.A.E.

A Winning Team

February 13, 2011


Thierry PerrotOver the past years I have watched the Egyptian Chefs Association grow more successful every year; organizing top notch competitions and training for Chefs who look forward to learning new methods and forms of cooking and challenging themselves as part of their development plans.
Our own InterContinental Citystars Chefs are proud to be part of the Egyptian Chefs Association and to represent not only our hotel, but their country, which instills a sense of national pride and gives them the opportunity to travel and learn about new cultures and their cuisine as well as sharing the best of Egypt.
We are proud to have several ECA Gold medal winners in our Kitchen Team, who are role models and inspiration for the junior ranks.
It has been an honor as InterContinental Cairo Citystars to host some of these workshops, competitions and trainings and we look forward to hosting more successful events with the Association.

Thierry Perrot
General Manager IHG Citystars Cairo
Director of Operations InterContinental Hotel Group (IHG) Egypt and Libya

What YOU Can Do

January 17, 2011


Tarek IbrahimA great philosopher once said: “To be successful, you must surround yourself by people who can understand you.”
After I landed in Egypt five years ago, coming home from the United States, I was at a loss in how to contribute what I had learned and experienced overseas to the chef’s community in Egypt. I didn't know whom to speak to about what I would like to contribute and do until I met up with Chef Markus, Mirjam and the team at the Egyptian Chef Association.

Looking back at how the Association has progressed over the past five years, I must tip my hat to their accomplishments in international competitions such as the Culinary Olympics in Germany, the Gastronomy Festival in Turkey and the Culinary World Cup in Luxemburg. Now we have raised the bar of the international community’s expectation of the Egyptian chefs.

The crowning achievement will be the completion this year of two state-of-the-art culinary schools, the first ever in Egypt. My wish for the young chefs in Egypt is that they also will find the support and encouragement through our Chefs Association in attaining their goals. Remember: “Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country.” John F. Kennedy (1961)

With all my love and thanks,
Tarek Ibrahim
Senior Consultant Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA)
Trainer Culinary Ambassadors of Egypt
Senior Instructor Egyptian Chefs Association
ECA Board Member

ECA Opens Doors...

March 2, 2010

Nermine HannoECA has opened many doors for me. They were the first to put my profile in their bimonthly magazine Chef's Corner, and later nominated me to have my profile on the WACS website. ECA team has invited me to judge and now I have received the accreditation from WACS. Through the Association, networking was made easier and possible, and I was introduced and welcomed into the ECA family, which cheered me on through it all. I have great respect, admiration and loyalty to you all, and Iappreciate everything you have done for me. What the ECA does for chefs in Egypt is amazing and the team always strives to help chefs reach heights that would never be possible without the Association's backing and support. Thank you ECA from the bottom of my heart.

Nermine Hanno
Senior ECA Member - Certified WACS Judge

ECA is.. Great Management

February 15, 2010


Yousri TenawyFrom when I first met Mirjam van IJssel and Markus Iten, I have been impressed with the management of the Egyptian Chefs Association (ECA) and always look carefully through your wonderful magazine Chef's Corner and show it to all my staff. We get ideas from it and discuss how we can further develop our own magazine. Through the ECA's efforts, I believe that Egyptian chefs with greater creativity and imagination can invent new dishes, using innovative ingredients, and in turn lead the way for industry to create bran new products on the market.


Yousri Tenawy
Executive Director - Chamber of Food Industries