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Sustainable Kitchen

Sustainable Kitchen
Red Sea Hotels Marsa Alam

The Egyptian Chefs Association concluded in-depth training session on “The Sustainable Kitchen” training program in Red Sea Hotels Port Ghalib.

Sustainable Kitchen Training at Hilton Hurghada Resort

The Egyptian Chefs Association has just concluded another in-depth training session on sustainable food practices as part of the phase 2 of “The Sustainable Kitchen” training program at the Hilton Hurghada Resort.

How Much Water is Needed to Produce Food?

As much as 50% of all food produced in the world ends up as waste every year. But how much water is needed to produce it?

List of Sustainable Kitchen Best Practices Shared

Adjust menus to reduce use of meat, water intensive items, and food imports. Introduce diet and light foods on menu. Start herb and vegetables gardens on …